Mozzarella Most Murderous

by Nancy Fairbanks

Carolyn is looking forward to firing up some passion with her husband-and enjoying sumptuous Italian food-in romantic Sorrento, Italy. But an air-traffic controllers’ strike strands Jason in Paris with a fascinating female toxicologist and puts him in danger of missing his chemistry conference. So Carolyn’s first day is spent sightseeing with a beautiful Italian woman named Paolina, who has been stood up by her lover. The next day Carolyn’s luxurious night’s sleep turns as sour as the lemons for which Sorrento is famous when, over morning coffee, she spots the body of her new friend lying on the bottom of the hotel’s pool. Could it have been suicide? The buffalo mozzarella? Or the president of the chemical company who just happened to be Paolina’s boss-with benefits?